Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not Jacky Chan

'Oh, Jacky Chan!'
Said BK Tiwari, at Indian Airport,
showing me my own photo in his mobile set

now a days,
Everybody says, 'Jacky Chan!'
I use to question myself-
'who am I?'
'I'm Jacky Chan?'

now a days,
I use to compare with Diasporas-
what type of Diaspora, I'm?
never seen any relation with Chan and me
I'm Jacky Chan?

I lost me
what will be next pain in this World,
to loose own identity?

Please, look at me
Do you see Mount Everest in my eyes?
Do you see Gautam Buddha in my heart?
Do you see Bhakti Thapa in my dream?

Oh my dear guys,
tell me,
Who am I?
I'm not Jacky Chan

I'm from 'never colonized country, Nepal',
I'm Nepali.
-New Delhi