Saturday, December 11, 2010


I met Karnali @ Gurukul. And, again I followed tear with Karnali. It is said weeping is weakness. No allow to weep for man in Nepali society.
But, what can I do? I cannot stop me when I see eye with tear. I use to weep @ watching movie, too.
I remember, in my early college days, Ghorahi, Dang, Kamal and me used to weep in the film hall @ watching movie. Also, now I do.
I wept this week in Delhi when we departure with foreign friends. Sidi, Tanzinia, Zarina, Uzbekistan, wept openly every departure. We 24 journalists did not get ticket same days for own home. So, we started to departure since 30 November to 8 December. Uma Dd, Mouritus, was last from Delhi. Ankillu, Hamid and Parshuram Kaphle also wept openly. I did not see that Thandar Win, Myanmar, wept or not. Because we were not participate when she headed Myanmar.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I miss u

with long hair

I lost a thing which I’d. That was very lovely for me. Yes, I felt so.
(But, why? I've no reason.)
Did you feel when u lost your lovely thing? If so, u can understand me.
Perhaps, u can imagine, that may be diamond necklace. Gold ring. Dream. Happiness. Or, beloved. Or? Yes, u can imagine.
(U r free. U know, we don't pay for imagine and to see dream.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tulsi Water

"I'll give you Tuli Pani," Subas Da, helper of Officers' Hostel, told me last week. I was just touched by cough. And, I wanted to stop it from the half-way. But I had not any idea.

I remembered. I was sleeping in my room. Somebody knocked.
"Main Tulsi Pani lyake aaya hun," Subas Da told and gave me a big glass with hot water.
"Thanx so much Da", I thanked him.
He went. I saw. I saw unique color of glass with hot water. I felt. It was new. I don't know, why its color cached me.