Sunday, May 13, 2012

A shrine for a love story

Orhan Pamuk inaugurated his Masumiyet Muzesi or The Museum of Innocence in Istanbul on April 28. The Museum is inspired by his eponymous novel, published in 2008, the story of star-crossed lovers in the Istanbul of the 1970s and 1980s when Turkey experienced great social and political turmoil and a military coup. Through it all the Turkish bourgeoisie lived its comfortable and often profligate life, a society marked by custom, tradition and social taboos.

Friday, May 11, 2012

मनीषाको टाउकोमा सेतो कपाल

THURSDAY, 10 MAY 2012 23:04
(conversation with Kishor Nepal, Editor-in-chief of Shukrabar Weekly)
मनिषा, तिमीलाई देखेपछि अचानक मेरो मनमा एउटा प्रश्न उठ्यो। तिमी फिल्ममा नभएको भए कुन पेसामा हुन्थ्यौ होला अहिले?
थाहा छैन। फिल्मबाहेक अरू पेसाका बारेमा मैले कहिल्यै सोचिनँ। एकैपटक म फिल्ममा लागेकी हुँ।

तिमी राजनीति गर्थ्यौ होला। हजुरबुबाको प्रभाव छ नि तिमीमा?
पोसिबल हुन सक्थ्यो। हजुरबुबा त मेरो आदर्श हो।

प्रकाश दाइले कहिल्यै राजनीतिमा घचेड्न खोजेनन् तिमीलाई?
ड्याडी डेफिनेट्ली उड लाइक इट। तर मैले आफैँ डिसाइड गर्ने कुरा हो त्यो।

Leaders close to deal on 11 provinces

The proposed provinces
1. Kirat/Koshi/Koshi-Kirat
2. Limbuwan / Tamor / Limbuwan-Tamor
3. Birat / Kochila / Birat-Kochila
4. Mithila / Bhojpura / Madhes
5. Tharuhat / Lumbini / Tharuhat-Lumbini
6. Newa / Bagamati / Newa-Bagmati
7. Tamuwan / Gandaki / Tamuwan-Gandaki
8. Magarat / Rapti / Magarat-Rapti
9. Karnali / Bheri
10. Seti / Mahakali
11. Tamsaling / Sailung / Tamsaling-Sailung

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Party headed for split: Badal

KATHMANDU, April 30: General Secretary of the UCPN (M) and a senior leader from the rebel faction Ram Bahadur Thapa 'Badal' said Monday that his faction would ultimately form another party but were waiting to see what kind of constitution would be promulgated before taking such a move.

Addressing a national gathering of the students close to the faction, Thapa also claimed there was no longer any ideological base that connected them with the party establishment led by Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

"It should not be limited to a just ideological group of Kiran [Mohan Baidya] and we are moving toward forming a new party. All ideological bases that made it possible for us to walk with Dahal have vanished. Only some issues remain to be completed. So, we should wait until May 27," ANNISU-R Vice-chairman Sharad Rasaili quoted Thapa as telling the gathering.