Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'People's revolt' not an immediate possibility: Baidya

KATHMANDU, June 20: The newly-formed Communist Party of Nepal -Maoist (CPN-M) led by Mohan Baidya has ruled out the immediate possibility of launching a revolt even though the party was formed on the same political line.

In a press meet to announce the formation of the new party in the capital Tuesday, party Chairman Baidya said they would be in a position to launch a revolt only after a ´long preparation´.

Claiming they were the original Maoist party, Baidya said there was a possibility of unity with Dahal and Bhattarai, but only if they ´transformed´ themselves by relinquishing their ´comprador character´.

It may be recalled that Baidya had for the first time presented a document on people´s revolt at the popular Palungtar plenum in 2010. And differences over whether to adopt it as political line was one of the main causes of their split from the UCPN (Maoist). Both Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai were against it.

"We will prepare to launch movements to save the achievements of the people´s war, secularism and republican set up. But there is no immediate possibility of launching people´s revolt. We will go to people´s revolt through revolutionary programs," he said.

Baidya said the party will exert pressure against the parliamentary system as it won´t help resolve the problems faced by the people. "We will take both legal and illegal paths. If need be, we will also go to people´s revolt or people´s war to bring new democratic system in Nepal," he said.

He accused Dahal and Bhattarai of being responsible for splitting the party by abandoning its original ideology. "There is no possibility of uniting with Dahal and Bhattarai in the current situation. If they transformed, the door of the unity is always open," he added. "We won´t go to Dahal for unity, instead he should come to the CPN (M)."

Baidya argued that the main objective of the party was to save the achievements of people´s war and to complete the revolution. "Our ex-chairman [Dahal] and Bhattarai destroyed all the achievements of the people´s war by siding with the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML .

He alleged Dahal and Bhattarai reached BIPPA agreement with India against the national interest. "We formed new party to safeguard national sovereignty and save it from imperialist and expansionist´s pawns," he further said.

Baidya claimed his new party will be a third front which would give an outlet from the problems facing the country as Nepali Congress, UML and Dahal-Bhattarai-led party had all failed to resolve problems.

India-Nepal Relation

Baidya said they do not have any problem with India at people´s level and that his party always wished to have good relations with India. "But the Indian expansionism has made Nepal its neo-colony," he said.

Baidya said though they continuously raised issue against unequal treaties like Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1950, Dahal and Bhattarai-led governments remained mere spectator. "Indian expansionism has captured all sectors in Nepal, creating puppets to serve its interests," he said.

Baidya also demanded that India should stop border encroachment. "If they do not stop the interference, we will target Indian expansionists and its agents," he said.


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