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Dash Maoist cadres for 'people's war'

KATHMANDU, Jan 13: The representatives of CPN-Maoist in the ongoing seventh general convention have suggested to the party leadership to go for "people´s war" while leaving the "people´s revolt" option open.
Leaders of 21 various teams formed to discuss the political document presented by party chairman Mohan Baidya made the suggestion to the party after discussions within their teams on Saturday. They have argued that the party should start ´people´s war´ for national liberation since ´civil war´ has already come to an end.
Referring to the ´bunker war´ that the then CPN (Maoist) had launched after then Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal returned home from India during the insurgency a participant said, "There is overwhelming demand that the party should resume the "people´s war" from the point where it left off while leaving the "people´s revolt" option open.

As the general convention is scheduled to conclude with the top leaders responding to the reports of party representatives, Kiran Pun of Republica caught up some of the participants to learn their view on various issues including the model of federalism, road map of "people´s revolt" and expectations they have from the general convention. Excerpts:

Samjhana Gharti Magar, Rolpa

The party should mainly take two crucial decisions. Firstly, the party should sketch a clear roadmap of the revolution to ensure that the Nepali people would not be victimized by betrayal of the leadership. Secondly, the party should do away with nepotism, and the feudal and bureaucratic culture in the party. The leaders should work for the interests of the masses rather than themselves. Furthermore, ensuring federalism would compensate the people who have lost their identities in the past.

Suresh Ram, Mithila

The roadmap for the revolution should come through people´s revolt. Identity-based federalism is the most suitable form of federalism for Nepal. Moreover, the party should not participate in the upcoming election. We should also learn from the fact that we could not have our say even when we were in majority in dissolved CA.

Bir Bahadur Khadka aka Bijuli, Jajarkot

The party should guarantee successful completion of the revolution by sketching a clear roadmap. For this, the leaders should undergo proletariatization. The party should go for people´s revolt as nothing can be gained without an armed struggle.

Raj Kumari Shahi, Kalikot

The party had made commitments to the people from places like Karnali and such other neglected areas and communities. The party should come up with a clear roadmap to complete the revolution through the people´s war.

Krishna Prasad Dhakal, Kavre, father of Chandra Kumar, who was disappeared by the Bhairavnath battalion

The party should guarantee investigation into disappearances. The general convention should press an investigation into persons disappeared during the conflict and action against the guilty. If not, the party should launch an armed struggle.

Dhruba Bista, Seti-Mahakali state committee member

The party should sketch a clear roadmap on addressing the issues raised by the party in the past. Fresh election would be meaningless. The only way for the party to address the issues it raised in the past is to launch people´s war. It should also ensure identity-based federalism.

Amar BK, Achham

The party should come up with a clear roadmap to complete the revolution and prove that its decision to break away from the mother party was right. Fresh election cannot provide a solution. The party should go for an armed struggle.
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