Saturday, December 11, 2010


I met Karnali @ Gurukul. And, again I followed tear with Karnali. It is said weeping is weakness. No allow to weep for man in Nepali society.
But, what can I do? I cannot stop me when I see eye with tear. I use to weep @ watching movie, too.
I remember, in my early college days, Ghorahi, Dang, Kamal and me used to weep in the film hall @ watching movie. Also, now I do.
I wept this week in Delhi when we departure with foreign friends. Sidi, Tanzinia, Zarina, Uzbekistan, wept openly every departure. We 24 journalists did not get ticket same days for own home. So, we started to departure since 30 November to 8 December. Uma Dd, Mouritus, was last from Delhi. Ankillu, Hamid and Parshuram Kaphle also wept openly. I did not see that Thandar Win, Myanmar, wept or not. Because we were not participate when she headed Myanmar.

I don't know why I follow with tear?
Yes, I couldn't stop me. And, I went in room and wept. Many times Kaphle had knocked door. But, I did not open.
Today, again I wept-- when I met Karnali @ Gurukul. It was Suina Karnalika (dream of Karnali), a nice play. We were Surendra Malla, Krishna Yogi, Ujir Magar, Kamal Pariyar and Tilak Malla.
It was my second meeting with Karnali.
Last year, I'd been Humla for reporting about the declaration of the Bhote-Lama Federal State. First time, I'd seen face of Karnali with my naked eye.
Yes, it was my second meeting with play about the Karnali. First play was Dakkhin Bgdochha Karnali.
That first play I had watched twice. That was bitter face of Karnali due to the bad governance. There was shown clear picture of pathetic situation hunger. And, I understood how irresponsible civil servants are in Karnali.

All artists were from Mugu. And, their acting was mind blowing. Really, I was impressed. What happened? Then, I went next time to meet them with camera. I think, it was my first and last drama which I met twice, till now.
There was some lack. I did not meet face of Karnali, during the People's War. How changed their thinking and life-style due to the war? There was not. There was shown traditional face only. So, I could not meet whole face of Karnali. I met semi-face.
The acting of Hira Bijuli Nepali, Suman Malla and one lady who had acted as the Karnali girl, were mind blowing. Really I was impressed.
In this second one, same character was named Punna Bahadur BK. And, whole drama was based on his dream of civilized, developed and federal Karnali. It was really imaginative dream of federal state of Karnali. It will be mind blowing if not seen any tiny impact of Manoj Gajurel's Photo Copy. But it had done localized, which had tried to be original one.
Yes, there was same character Punna Bahadur BK. When opened theater then I searched to Hira Bijuli Nepali. But I did not. I missed him. Really, missed him.
By chance, I had met Suman Malla, just before play drama. He was sitting just in front of Rimal Theater Hall.
"We've Hira Bijuli?" it was my first question. Why I asked him this question? I don’t know. It showed that I was really impressed by Hira Bijuli. I forgot name of the others artists but not his. His name also was unique.
"No." Suman replied.
"It is okay or same problem with you?" I asked him. They had internal problem during that first drama staging. Then, they had departure from each others.
"Same." He said.
"If so, I cannot meet him, here?"
By then, Ujir described benefits of separation.
"If, sun had not broken how we do live here (Earth)? So, it is good..." Ujir said and we laughed.
I don't know why I searched Hira in stage? I wanted to see him in stage, why? I don't know.
Yes, I did not meet Hira in stage.
At the beginning of the drama, I heard Sunil Pokharel, director of this play and chief of Gurukul, which was same narration in Dakkhin Bagdochha Karnali (Karnali follows south).Words were slightly changed.
And I felt, I chewed tiny stone in good food. I don't know why? At that time, all were right, performance of artists and technical parts. Same uneasiness I felt. When heard him and I remembered Komal Oli. She had sung a song with Nand Krishna Joshi --Raijhuma. I don’t know why, but did not get originality of the tone. I did not get original tone. Yes, there was Karnali words but not tone. I did not accept them as Karnali tone. Oli and Pokharel had tried to give justice only in wording not its original tone. I felt.
Last year I'd told to Malla about this. He did not give reply. I know his problem. Whole organized by Gurukul and director was Pokharel himself. So, he could not.
Anyway, except this, drama was good. Acting was good. Technical part was good. And, it was lively. Audience followed with Karnali.
Why I wept with Karnali? I don't know. It is good or not?
Why I use weep with Karnali? We are same?
How tear with Karnali? When will be finished its tear? I don't know.

Yes, I was in Humla last year. It was not more different with Rolpa. You know, I'm from Rolpa. I think, so, they are attached with each other. And, always I weep when I use to meet Karnali.
Is there any day or it will come such a day where we meet with happiness? Without tear?
I'm waiting that day where fulfilled dream of Karnali ---cable car, plane, industry, train and with self determinate federal state.

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  1. Surendra Malla
    sure, when I see the bitter reality of nepal either on theatre (karnali) or on documantary (Bajura) then get myself as of your conditon.