Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maoist leaders register 3 more documents


HETAUDA, Feb 5: Representatives of the ruling Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) at the ongoing seventh general convention criticized the life style of the leaders and cadres Monday, terming them a ´new elite´ class in the party.

Expressing their views on the political document presented by party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a group discussion, they also demanded that the reports of the two high-level commissions led by party Secretary Post Bahadur Bogati and leader Amik Sherchan be made public.

They claimed that there was no meaning to any revolutionary or reactionary political documents without a ´lifestyle transformation´ among the leaders.

The core cadres of the Maoist insurgency and former People´s Liberation Army (PLA) have raised such issues. The core cadres have been rendered bereft of responsibilities after the party joined the peace process.

"We hear the commissions have recommended giving clean chits to the corrupt," said one representative. They demanded action against leaders involved in financial irregularities, saying they have defamed the Maoist party.

"The representatives have risen to question the dual character of the leaders and cadres. Some groups said that they have been promoted to a new class," said spokesperson Agni Prasad Sapkota at a regular press meet at the convention venue.

Interestingly, the former PLA, some from the remote districts, who have made such demands, are from the Dahal faction.

The Maoists had formed a high-level commission led by Secretary Post Bahadur Bogati to investigate irregularities in the cantonments and another commission led by Amik Sherchan to investigate irregularities among the party leaders.

They also spoke of the party´s ´deviation´ from revolutionary zeal, saying the party was beginning to forget the martyrs, the disappeared and the cadres who sacrificed during the conflict. They said the leaders betrayed the dreams of the cadres. They also said that the leaders were living in big houses and riding in big cars that came from the sweat of the cadres and the people.

"The representatives have expressed suspicion and concern that the party is going to misuse and forget the blood, sweat and dream of the martyrs, the disappeared and the cadres," said Sapkota. The representatives also said that the Maoists were going to morph into the next edition of the CPN-UML.

Cadres from both the Dahal and Bhattarai factions have said that there was no mention of the history of the Maoist war, adding that the document was only praised by newcomers who merged with the Maoists.

The Dahal faction urged self-criticism by Bhattarai for the Dhobighat meeting, saying it was a plan to split the party. Countering that, the Bhattarai faction has expressed the need to keep the terminology ´ideological difference´ rather than ´disciplinary action´, arguing that the Maoists were now going by that ideology.

Three documents

Leaders Gopal Kirati, Ram Karki and Lekhraj Bhatta have registered their different views in writing. These were distributed for group discussions.

Karki in his differing view said that the party abandoned revolutionary zeal and Dahal´s document could not solve the crisis in the leadership of the communist movement. His document also argued that the party should save itself from the ultra-right and the ultra-left.

Similarly, Bhatta has registered his different view arguing for a Khasan state comprising Bheri-Karnali-Seti-Mahakali zones in an undivided far west.
"If there are other federal states why not a Khasan?" said Bhatta.

Kirati has proposed to develop the party, changing its name in accordance with federalism.

"These are not full documents. They can complement the Chairman´s document," said Sapkota.

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