Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tale of a hermaphrodite mom

TANAHU, Feb 22: When Laxmi Sah came into the world, her family, which was originally from Motihari, India, was overjoyed, thinking it a good omen for their house.
After nurturing her into a young girl, she was married off to Acchelal Sah of Sarlahi district at the age of 16. In course of time, she became a mother of two sons and two daughters.

Only at this point in her life did Laxmi begin to realize that she was a hermaphrodite, and her husband started to ignore her. Physical relations became a major issue for Acchelal.

“When Acchelal came to know more about me, he started making various excuses to leave me. He said I was too young for him and ugly, before leaving me to go for work abroad,” said Laxmi, recalling her traumatic past.

Left to herself in her plight, Laxmi had to handle all the household chores herself. There was no sign of Acchelal coming back. Finally, after the wedding of her sister-in-law, she decided to return to her parental home.

Laxmi and her parents wised up about her dual gender only after a doctor examined her. “As she was suffering from severe lower abdominal pain and urine infection, we had to reached out for a doctor and it was the first time doctors identified me as a hermaphrodite. I had a small penis-like organ inside the reproductive organ,” said Laxmi.

Recalling that occasion, Laxmi´s brother Chetu Sah said, “She was all dressed in woman´s attire when the doctors started examining her, and a few minutes later they told us that she also had a male sex organ.”

The disclosure left Laxmi and her parents dumbfounded, and without any further delay surgery was undertaken. She was turned into a male.

A few months after the surgery, Laxmi tied the knot again, with Sunita of Mahottari district. “Everyone knows about me in the village and sometimes I do come across Acchelal in the village,” said Laxmi.
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