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Cadres unimpressed by production brigade idea

KATHMANDU, June 6: At a time when UCPN (Maoist) leaders are holding discussions with members of the business community close to the party on forming ´production brigades´ to manage party cadres and for the development of the economy, Maoist lower rank leaders and cream cadres have voiced suspicion that this may be just another eyewash.
They alleged that it is just a new technique rather than a new political agenda to retain the cream of the party cadres in the party. They claimed that the blood, sweat and happiness of the cadres are being traded in so that some leaders can get into Baluwatar and Singha Durbar and earn money to convert themselves into a ´new elite´ within the party.

“We fought for our dreams during the war. Using these, some leaders of the party have converted themselves into a new elite within the party. The leadership grabbed the salaries of the People´s Liberation Army (PLA) from the cantonments. I don´t know who will now be ready to sacrifice their blood, sweat and happiness in the production brigades,” said a cadre who was a former PLA commander.

The Maoists are planning to form production brigades after formally converting into a parliamentary party at the Hetauda general convention last February. The party had decided to come up with production and construction programs to manage its ´whole timer´ cadres. The general convention concluded that Nepal´s political revolution was over and the party would now move toward economic revolution. The UCPN (Maoist) adopted a capitalistic political line, abandoning its former political line of state capture through arms.

At an interaction program held on Sunday at the party head office at Parisdanda five months after the Hetauda general convention, Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal claimed that Nepali people who are abroad would return home after the launching of the production campaign.
“We should involve ourselves in the production and construction fields, sacrificing our all in the same manner that we did during the people´s war,” Dahal had said, summarizing the interaction program.

Maoist watchers say that what Dahal has proposed is not going to be easy as his party and its leaders have already lost the trust of cadres and people alike because what they are ´saying´ is far from what they are ´doing´. Not only the common people, but the Maoist cadres themselves are not hopeful of what Dahal has to offer. They said it is another tactic to earn money for some leaders in the party.

“The party should make a big effort to win the trust of the cadres and the people,” Ganesh Man Pun, YCL chief, told Republica. It is mainly the youths who will be mobilized in the production campaign.
According to Pun, it will take a long time to win the hearts of the cadres, whom the leadership has cheated many times.
“We would not success without ensuring the future of the cadres, who have lost their hopes and dreams,” added Pun.
Although the party has not brought out the concrete shape of the production brigades, Maoist leaders say that their nature would be cooperative.
“The party should make it clear it would be collective ownership,” said Pun arguing that no one will join in the production program without their future and their ownership being ensured.
The party will form the production brigades and these will in turn mobilize the various units, he stated.
“We will go for cluster farming in agriculture. Special zones will be selected. We will form big farms, build transportation infrastructure and open factories, mainly in the vicinity of the highways. In the rural areas, the party will bring in herb cultivation,” added Pun.
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