Tuesday, March 20, 2012

´No deal with establishment in bits and pieces

What do you have to say about the separate meeting of the party establishment held on Monday?

I had talked to the party chairman this morning before the meeting was held. I had asked him about the meeting. But they were not yet clear about it. I am yet to learn about the concrete decisions of that meeting. So it will be too early to comment.

There were voices at the meeting that the unilateral political programs announced by your faction should be withdrawn for the sake of party unity. Will you do that?

Currently, we are working out the concrete protest programs. Last Saturday, we had only announced the protests without any details. There is nothing wrong with that as we will come up with programs in accordance with the decisions of the last central committee meeting. We will not make adjustments to the existing status quo.

What actually do you want?

There are so many issues that we have been raising, including the national sovereignty issue. The Bhattarai government has signed "anti-national" agreements. On top of that we cannot compromise on the contents of the new constitution. It seems the party is not working to formulate a "people´s constitution". They are rather surrendering to the parliamentary parties.

That means you cannot forge common programs with the party establishment, to keep the party united.

We are against signing agreements with the party establishment in bits and pieces. There are political, ideological and organizational issues that need to be dealt with in a package. We were compelled to announce the protest programs unilaterally after the chairman said clearly that he cannot implement the decisions of the last central committee meeting to recall Bhattarai from the government and formulate programs of mass mobilization for a pro-people constitution. conversation with Kiran Pun/Republica English Daily Newspaper

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