Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party unity only if radicals adopt line of peace: Dahal

KATHMANDU, March 21: Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Tuesday that the party could remain united only if the radical faction switches over to the line of peace and constitution, adding that the forthcoming meeting of the central committee (CC) would be crucial in deciding the party´s fate.
“The party line they [the party radicals led by Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya] have been floating will materialize only if we reignite insurgency. But that would be suicidal. So they must stick to the line of peace and constitution and keep the party unity intact,” a participant quoted Dahal as telling a gathering of around 100 CC members close to the party establishment.

According to sources, Dahal told the leaders that he will ask the hardliners to attend the CC meeting to be held shortly and formulate the same tactical line and political programs for the sake of party unity as well as peace and constitution.

“If they do not attend the meeting, let´s hold a formal CC meeting [without the participation of the hardliners] to take decisions on the peace process,” a participant quoted Dahal as saying at the conclusion of the two-day meeting of the party establishment.

Dahal argued that the line upheld by the hardliners would have meaning only if they go to war, but added that any such move is sure to backfire.

Dahal has asked the leaders to stay prepared to attend the crucial CC meeting.

With the constitution drafting deadline approaching fast, Dahal is hard-pressed to make compromises on peace and constitution drafting process. And that has soured the relations between Dahal and Baidya, who is against surrendering to parliamentary forces at the cost of the party´s ideological goals.

The hardliners have accused Dahal of not implementing the decisions of the last CC meeting to recall Bhattarai from the government and chalk out mass mobilization programs for the sake of “people´s constitution”.

The hardliners had also held a similar three-day meeting in Kathamdnu recently. The establishment faction has been pushed to a defensive position after the radicals began mobilizing ex-combatants to consolidate their position in and outside the party and announced protest programs unilaterally to topple the government.

The party establishment is expected to push for some concrete decisions on the peace process that will have repercussions on the party unity as well as the peace process.from Republica English Daily Newspaper


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