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Dahal-Bhattarai rift surfaces yet again

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: Barely six months after the top UCPN (Maoist) leaders claimed that the factions within the party had been dissolved for good, rival factions of the Maoist trade union close to Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai clashed on Monday.

Bikram Rai, Maniram Thapa and Rajan Bista close to Bhattarai and Jhalak Shrestha close Dahal were injured in the incident. Following the incident, trade union leaders close to the Bhattarai faction have filed a case against Dahal faction union leaders.
Hisila Yami, Devendra Paudel from the Bhattarai faction and Jhakku Subedi and Shalik Ram Jamkattel from the Dahal faction held talks on Wednesday but failed to iron out differences. The clash on Monday between the two factions is a telling reminder that rivalries between the two factions had been seething all along.

Maoist Chairman Dahal and vice chairmen Bhattarai and Narayankaji Shrestha at the party plenum held in July after the split had announced the end of factions within the party.

So what does the clash which occurred just a day after the party on Sunday rescheduled its general convention for February 2? "In fact, the rift had never ended," said Jhalak Subedi, a political analyst. Former Maoist leader Mani Thapa said that the clash on Monday was a natural outburst as the both factions have been trying to negate each others for a long time. The rift will only widen by the end by the time the general convention is held.

The rift between Dahal and Bhattarai had started soon after the launch of the “People´s War”. It is interesting to note that the signs of a rift in the Maoist party manifests in its trade union first as it controls both money and muscle power.

The rift is a natural outcome of the struggle between the two factions to capture the resources and organizational power. Currently, while Dahal controls the party, Bhattarai heads the government. This makes them powerful and equal enemies.

According to Thapa, both factions have collected enough money to attract cadres from the rival faction for the general convention. “Unfortunately, Dahal has money and muscle power Bhattarai only has money only,” claimed Thapa.

According to Maoist leaders, both Dahal and Bhattarai have been trying to garner support in their favor to run for the prime ministerial post. This has further widened the rift between the two leaders.
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