Monday, December 31, 2012

Major events of 2012


Jan 8- United Democratic Madheshi Front (UDMF) in collaboration with indigenous groups prepared a new inclusion bill to present in the parliament.

Jan 9- Maoist Chairman Dahal and vice chairman Baidhya agreed to formulate a common political proposal in the spirit of the “revolutionary line” of the Palungtar plenum despite ongoing intra-party crisis.

Jan 9-15 parties including Nepali Congress and CPN UML urged UCPN Maoists not to obstruct peace process.

Jan 10-NC and UML decided to come up with a common position on the system of governance.

Jan 16- Lawmaker and former Supplies minister Shyam Sundar Gupta arrested from Bhairahawa on the charge of masterminding the kidnapping of Businessman Pawan Kumar Sanghai.

Jan 18-  NC leadership to stick to a parliamentary system of governance in the new statute.

Jan 25- The election commission decided to begin investigations into the financial reports submitted by the political parties to see if they have followed standard accounting and auditing practices as required by law.

Jan 26- Maoist Chairman Puspakamal Dahal seek support of NC and UML to force Prime Minister Bhattarai into resigning to pave the way for forming a national consensus government under his own leadership.

Jan 27- Prime Minsiter Bhattarai directed the secretariat of the Special Committee to start the voluntary retirement process after NC and UML questioned the PM over Maoist party’s honesty in the implementation of the decision taken SC meeting.

Jan 28- Failing to resolve the remaining thorny issues in constitution writing, top three leaders decided to change the calendar of events at the Constituent Assembly yet again.

Jan 31- The State Restructuring Commission submitted its divided report to Prime Minster Baburam Bhattrai, with its six members, including its coordinator, proposing 11 states and the other three members supporting six states.


Feb 1- The Maoist faction led by Prime Minister begun exercise to bolster its organizational base in the light of growing dissatisfaction among party leaders and shifting alliance within the party.

Feb 2- Voluntary retirement of Maoist combatants began in two cantonments from Friday despite hiccups that were settled by the Maoist Leadership.

Feb 6- Coming down heavily on the government and the ruling UCPN Maoist leadership, NC and CPN UML issued a seven day ultimatum to the government to the and the Maoist party to make tangible progress in the peace process and to end the obstruction in the constitution writing as per the November 1, 2011, seven point deal.

Feb 7- Facing potential anarchy inside the party, the UCPN Maoist decided to provide members of its Young Communist league (YCL) ‘relief packages’ from the party’s own fund.

Feb 9-Parliament resumed after four weeks after PM Bhattarai announced at the House meeting that a cabinet revoked the government’s controversial decision on the conflict land deals.

Feb13- The Special Court convicted three former chiefs of Nepal Police and two procurement suppliers, including a foreign national in the biggest ever corruption scandal “Sudan Scam” and acquitted 31 former and incumbent police officers.

Feb 14- The federal affairs department of the CPN-UML has proposed an eight-province model and another 12-province model for state restructuring.

Feb 18- Nepal Army clarified that Maoist combatants would be integrated strictly on the basis of the army’s established norms, except for some consideration over marital status, education and age limit.

Feb 19-Major opposition parties Nepali Congress and CPN UML criticized the government for not celebrating Falgun 7 as Democracy Day.

Feb 27- At least three people were killed in a powerful bomb blast in front of the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) head office at Babarmahal near Singhdurbar.

Feb 28- Probe committee intensified its investigation claiming that United Ethnic Liberation Front Nepal (UELFN) was behind the incident.


March 2- Government withdraws criminal cases involving 349 individuals including cases of abduction and murder, upon the request of ruling and opposition parties.

March 3- In an apparent show of strength, the CPN UML gathered thousands of party cadres before the parties three day National Representatives Council meeting.

March 4-Police made public six people arrested for their alleged involvement in Babarmahal Bomb blast that killed three people and left seven others injured.

March 5-CPN UML expressed doubt over the certainty of accomplishing the tasks of peace process and promulgating new constitution by May 27, when the renewed tenure of the Constituent Assembly (CA) expires.

March 8- The ruling parties agreed to amend the interim constitution and the existing military act to address the citizenship issue and the recruitment of Madheshi Youths in the Nepal Army.

March 14-The Maoist hard line faction led by Vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya is rallying ex combatants to bolster its move against the party establishment and the government.

March 16-Baburam Bhattarai-led cabinet decided to provide Rs 20 million to a Mt Everest expedition team that includes the son of UCPN Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal.

March 17- The Maoist radical faction led by vice chairman Mohan Baidhya announced separate protest programs to topple the “anti national” government led by their own party and frame a “people’s constitution.”

March 23- Mohan Baidhya faction of the UCPN Maoist forged alliance with a dozen fringe parties and organization for nationwide protests to press its demands for timely promulgation of a “federal people’s constitution based on identity, peace, nationalism and good governance.”

March 28-Supreme Court upheld its decision not to extend the CA term after May 27, leaving the political parties no other option but to promulgate the new constitution in the remaining two months.

  March 30-The Special Committee decided to vacate the PLA cantonments by April 12 and immediately ask the Nepal Army (NA) to begin the process of integrating ex-combatants.

April 4- A joint meeting of the Special Committee and top leaders endorsed a plan action to start much–awaited integration of Maoist combatants marking a milestone in the homegrown five-year-old peace process.

April 10- The Nepal Army and the Armed Police Force took control of all the Maoist cantonments, their security, arms and the combatants as the security situation deteriorated in the cantonments and the chain of the command of the chain of command of the Maoist army turned dysfunctional.

 April 15- With the resolution of all contentious issues related to integration of the Maoist combatants, major political parties began ‘serious negotiations’ and appeared close to agreeing on the system of governance a key issue in the new constitution over which the parties are at odd.

April 23-Major Political parties reached an understanding to adopt a mixed system of governance.

April 26-UCPN (Maoist) proposed a 10-state federal model based primarily on ethnic identity.

May 3- The minister in the Baburam Bhattarai cabinet resigned en masse just before midnight to pave the way for the formation of a national consensus government.

May 5- Eleven Ministers from UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress and various Madhesh-based parties took the oath of office and secrecy Saturday night as the part of five-point deal.

May 8- Nepali Congress (NC) floated a nine province model including four in the Terai.

May 21-Major parties failed to make any headway as parties continue to remain sharply divided over “Single ethnic identity” based provinces in the new state restructuring.

May 23- Major Political parties agreed to extend CA term by three months.

May 23- Ruling NC and CPN UML increased pressure on the prime minister to step down and pave the way for formation of a new constitution of a new consensus government immediately.

 May 24- Supreme Court on Thursday annulled the bill for extending the term of the CA by yet another three months in the awkward exigency of having to promulgate the new constitution within 72 hours.

May 24-Nepali Congress has decided to pull out from the Bhattrai led government.

May 25- Maoist Vice chairman Baidhya demanded fresh CA if there were no guarantees that the transitional parliament can ensure 14 province models.

May 27- CA expires. Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai late night announced a fresh election to the CA for November despite opposition from his coalition partners.

May 29- President Ram Baran Yadav declared the Baburam led government a caretaker one, arguing that PM is no longer CA member.


June 1- Maoist Chairman Dahal faction calls party plenum and Baidhya for national gathering.

June 7- NC ethnic leaders proposed “mixed identity-based provinces” as a middle-path solution.

June 10- Baidhya turns down party supremo’s talk offer.

June  11-The caretaker government prepares over promulgation of ordinance for the budget.

June 12- 26 parties urge president not to allow ordinance.

June 14- Baidhya faction rejects unity offer and blames Dahal and Pm for CA demise.

June 18-UCPN(Maoist) splits as the faction led by Baidhya formed a new party called Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist.

June 23- CPN-UML Passes 7- province model amid sharp dissent.

June 26- With the Nepal Army set to start the integration process, UCPN Maoist also geared up for the integration of PLA members into the NA.


July 2- UCPN (Maoist) and UDMF decided to form an alliance of pro-federalist partiesunder the leadership of Maoist Chairman Dahal.

July 9-NC, CPN-UML decided to boycott PM’S all-party meeting

July 10- Parties agree to partial budget but differ on size.

July 15- Finance Minister Barshaman Pun unveiled special budget for 2012\13 through ordinance agreeing to the opposition’s demand.

July 18- In the UCPN (Maoists) plenum postponed after PLA and YCL cadres demanded that the financial transaction public.

July 26- UCPN(Maoist) decided to probe own top leaders properties.

Aug 2- UCPN (Maoist) resolved a long-running dispute by making 251 member general convention organizing body.

Aug-4- UCPN (Maoist) decided to hold General Convention on January 27.

Aug 5- President urged major political parties to forge consensus on political deadlock and UML decided to intensify protest against the government.

Aug 25- Govt looks to Prez to remove constitutional difficulties for the appointments at the constitutional bodies, Supreme Court and ambassadors.

Aug 26- NC, UML decided to boycott 20-party federal alliance.

Aug 28- PM Bhattarai appealed to all parties to reach consensus and also indicated he would remain in the office until a new legitimately government was formed.

Aug 29-Top three leaders reached a understanding to settle the dispute by mid-September.

Sept 2- CC member of NC suggested the party opt for a fresh election over reinstalling the dissolved CA.

Sept 7-UML task force suggested the major parties to prepare draft constitution on the agreement made on MAY 15.

Sept 13- Altogether 1647 Maoist combatants were selected for integration.

Sept 14- Prez invites top leaders for talks

Sept 15- NC and UML reached an understanding to go for CA revival if Maoist agreed to abide by the deal reached on may 15.

Sept 19- Parties decided to go for fresh CA polls.

Oct 6- 71 ex-PLA appointed NA officers.

Oct 18- Maoist Chairman Dahal proposed NC and UML to hold election for election for a new president along with a fresh CA polls.

Oct 26- Maoist Chairman Dahal floated a new proposal before President Ram Baran Yadav and sought support in his efforts.

Oct 31- NC decided to go for fresh CA-cum-parliamentary election.

Nov 3- CPN-Maoists CC members forced the party to constitute an “armed force” when deemed necessary.

Nov 8- Opposition writes to prez to stop budget.

Nov 12- The government deferred its plan to forward budget ordinance to President for endorsement as it failed to convince political parties.

Nov  21- The government announced a budget of Rs 351.93 billion ending long running confusion over fiscal operations for the remaining eight months of fiscal year 2012/13.

Nov 24- Prez Yadav called on parties to nominate a prime minister candidate as per the Article 38(1).

Nov 27- The ruling UCPN (Maoist) decided to convert the Bhattrai-led govt into national consensus govt and rejected any govt led by NC or UML.

Dec 4- NC agreed officially propose its prime ministerial candidate for national govt.

Dec 7- UCPN(Maoist) general convention rescheduled for Feb 2 in Hetauda.

Dec 24- President leaves for India on 5 days visit providing 5 days.

Dec 30 -President again provides more 5 days to pick out consensus candidate of PM


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