Friday, March 1, 2013

Bhattarai forced to people to laugh

 "Mr. Yami himself could not get Hisila. But he left a Hisila for me," said Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai who is also Vice-chairman of the ruling Maoist, giving reference of love story in the book -- Lhasa Bolchhe-- authored by his late father-in-law Dharma Ratna Yami.

According to love story of the book [critics also say that the story of book is based on the life story of Mr Yami himself], Yami fell in love with Hisila, a Tibetan girl. But he could not get married.

After hearing speech of the Bhattarai at Nepal Academy Hall, the audience burst into laughter.

Not only Maoist party leaders also cadres close to his faction have rarely met him such mood.

In Maoist party, Bhattarai is taken as an introvert and not as an easygoing leader. 
This is the second time for me when Bhattarai forced to people to laugh. I had seen him in the video of Chunbang meeting where all central leaders of the party had laughed while he shared his love story [with Hisila Yami, his wife], informing how he joined politics. Bhattarai, however, said he wanted to be a Yogi; not a politician.

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