Friday, October 11, 2013

CPN-Maoist to stop poll canvassing in villages


KATHMANDU, October 2: The agitating CPN-Maoist has decided to obstruct candidates in the CA poll scheduled for November 19 from entering the villages to canvass for votes.

At a meeting of the party politburo held at the party´s head office at Buddhanagar on Wednesday, the Maoists appealed to people to boycott the poll actively and effectively, arguing that the talks option was now over.

The Maoists also urged the candidates to revoke their candidacies. They argued that the new CA would not draft a people´s constitution and would only force Nepal into becoming the next Sikkim.

Holding a press meet, the Maoists threw a challenge at the CA poll, and claimed that they would announce a people´s constitution from the streets.

"First of all, we will request the candidates not to enter the villages to canvass for votes. We will say to them that the scheduled CA poll is not a political solution and will only force the Sikkimization of Nepal. If they ignore our request and use force against us, we will take counter-measures," Maya Prasad Sharma said to Republica about the decision of the politburo.

According to Maoist leaders, the Maoists will try to return empty ballot boxes through the mobilization of the people. They will persuade others not to vote, convincing them that the election was going to be just a farce under the guidance of foreign forces. If their request is ignored and the security forces used against the Maoists, the latter will counter, it is stated.

"Active boycott means appealing to people under a campaign not to vote. And, we will convince people to return the ballot boxes empty. An effective boycott means to counter any force used against our appeal," added Sharma.

At the press meet held at party head office, Chairman Mohan Baidya said that talks were the first phase and that option was now over. He said the next phase would be that of struggle. He claimed that his party would proclaim the constitution through struggle in the streets.

He warned that they would take any action if their request was denied.
"We will take a decision from the field if they [government] came against us with force," said Baidya when asked about the form of boycott being contemplated.
The Maoists have been holding training for their youth cadres in the villages to boycott the election.

The Maoists stressed the success of the 10-day general strike scheduled by the 33-party alliance. The general strike is scheduled for November 9 to 19 to obstruct the CA poll.
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