Thursday, November 25, 2010

Can you guess

We (with Parshuram Kaphle) were just returning from exam hall to hostel. We encountered with Sunit Tandan, director of IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication). He was in same dress -black coat and black pant. Same beard…

"You guys," replying our Namaste he asked us, "both have blog?"
"Yes", we replied.
"One of them is I read," he said. It was really unexpected question to us.
(I don't know Kaphle had or not. But I never expected that he'll read our blog and he'll say. I just write about my personal feelings in my blog.)
He did not react it was good or bad.
(Really it was not good. But he did not mention that how it was bad.)
We did not stay. We departured. He did not mention more. And, we also did not question him that whose blog and which write-up.
It was necessary to ask him? It was necessary to mention about it?
(Ram Jane.)
Kaphle had just entered in blog world one day before. And, we had done "Pracharbaji" through face-book about his blog '' He had posted his earlier articles which were published in Jan Ashtha weekly, Nepal.
It was new, ha ha …..I had updated after long time.
(It may be news for me! Ha ha)
"Whose blog," After departure, we looked each-other with questions, "he read?"
"Yours", we claimed to each other's blog, "no yours."
"Your blog," Kaphle told me, "because your latest write-up is based on IIMC and students of Rwanda."
We did not discuss more after that.
In latest write-up, I'd just quoted to KM Shrivastav about the Officer's Hostel (where we staying) and Rwandans guys. But I'd not mentioned briefly what we’d discussed.
(KM is known as the candidate of next director. He is senior professor of IIMC. We heard that he is leading the opposition group in IIMC's inner politics.)
"What was reaction?" I questioned myself. If he had, why he did not mention us? What was his reaction?
(Will he tell? I don't know. If so, I'll mention. I'm not sure he'll say but I can hope. It may be. So, I can hope. I've one more chance to meet him. That is Convocation day. It will be on November 29th.. He can. I can hope but not sure. I don't know why but I'm waiting that day for his reaction.)
(Actually, I'm not sure yet, he read my write-up. If he read, it was sure that he did "Chuk Chuk…" meeting with my poor English. And, he could leave condolence to my English any corner side of blog.)
Can you guess, he read my blog? And, if so, his reaction?

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  1. What ever !!! If he read your blog or not. its a blog of yours afterall and you are free to express anything you want. what so ever will be the reaction but he can't supress you not to write in favor or against !! Okey .