Monday, November 29, 2010

how to say I love you

"U can see Delhi," Sudeep Shrestha Dai told me showing night face of Delhi with his thief-finger. It was seen Jhilimili to so far. Yes, I saw so far how captured by eye.
He started to brief about the something Jhilimili. I didn't know them at night. But it was seen like star in sky. He added again that …that is new mall that is…indicating thumb. And, at last? I said, "ye …."
We were 9th stair of the JNU library. It was at 8 pm.
"These are all schools," he came near from the Delhi and told. When we walk in the way there was forest and forest. But, in night? It was seen light and light.

First time I had seen Delhi from the PSR (Parth Sarathi Rock). We'd gone taking thief-path with Dinesh Wagle, Ishwari Bhattarai and Parshuram Kaphle. Only JNU students may enter. So, we took alternative way.
PSR -name of area. There were some big rocks in forest. This place's name was given by name of JNU's first chancellor. Actually PSR is known as dating spot. Sometimes night programs also organized. Especially music programs and so on. We missed some program. One of them was a musical program. Near the PSR, there was a open theatre.
"I use to come here when I feel bore. And, from this place, I do refresh watching Delhi's face," Dinesh Wagle had told us when we were PSR. He'd shown us Kutubminar and so many places of Delhi. From PSR, I'd seen the face of Delhi. That was like small window. In our Nepal it is said Aakhijhyal. It was small. It means I saw something about Delhi not whole. It was little.
Yes, today I saw night face of Delhi. It was different.
JNU area was covered with forest. So, it was really good environment. We heard it was imagination of Jawarlal Neharu. He'd studied in Harvard University. So, he wanted to make like Harvard. At that time this area was covered with rock. No trees.
Yes, I told, I was 9th stair of JNU library. And, I was watching night Delhi. It was raising cold.
Yes, we had to search some books and photocopy as well. And, we return by foot. We'd gone 9th stair through lift.
"In this stair kept P.C. Joshi's archive," when we entered 8th stair and Sudeep dai told, "U know, he was general secretary of communist party of India when CPI was united." I surprised hearing him. He gave me information about this stair.
"We can get here most of the communists literature", he informed.
He told interesting story of Joshi. There was good political relation between Joshi and Indira Gandhi, late prime minister. At that time, India was supporter of Soviet Union. So, it might be helped them to became near each-other. Gandhi nominated him chief of the any section of JNU library. At that time, library was in the Old JNU near the Ber Saray.
A General Secretary of Communist Party of India. And, at last became chief of library's one section. It was really unbelievable.
He told me Joshi's tragic story. He was thrown as ordinary member from General Secretary after the clash in Communist Party of India. Then, united Indian Communist Party divided in groups.
Yes, a tragic story of general secretary was end. Then, we entered next stair. And, next and next.
In the reading room, there were multi-colored students. There were separate reading rooms and computer for disables. Students were with high-tec. Some were with laptop some were with palm top.
It was interesting for me that there were young researchers who were doing Ph.D. In Nepal, we can get Ph.D. students only middle-aged.
Generally, I used to go TU library, biggest library of Nepal, once a week. Sometimes more. I used to get refreshment when I saw those people who were studying in library. It used to give me refreshment. It was like restart of hanged computer.
"Indian left or right both political parties' leaders have done hard study that may be academic or non-academic. Comparatively they are updated as well," he told comparing Nepali political leaders. They may be from Leftist Party they may be Rightist Party.
He'd compared Nepal and Indian reading culture when he come JNU for Ph.D. He got many differences. JNU had residential for students- family and single. Then can go library every day and night except the main festival of India.
"Now we are here. It is 8:30. It will close 12 pm," he compared with Nepal, "Our TU library already closed 5 pm."
When we existed from library again I saw a wall painting of the main door of the library. There was written, "Naxalbari Ek Hi Rasta, DSU." (DSU is students union of Maoist of India.)
We were heading Arabali Guest House, under the JNU, for dinner. He paused story and asked, "u have been there?" He showed a room where was lighting.
"Yes, already," I told him, "it is open 24 hours, isn't it?"
Saching Ghimire or Keshab Basyal Dai (I forgot who had said me. And, we had gone to watch them.) had told me.
"It is also called 'Dhawalpur' where people use to prepare of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) entrance," he told, "It close 4 or 3 am and after 2 or three hours again it open."
I headed following Sudeep Dai with imagining colorful library of TU.
(It was not long-long ago, once upon time, when I'd no computer, I'd no laptop, I wanted to be a good fan of books. I used to play with books also over night. But now? Not. Sometimes, I think, I was young …ha ha…After meeting with JNU library, I missed those days. I felt books are calling me, "Hey, where are you heading, come play with us." Really, I thought, they are waiting me.
May I play with them? May I love them? I don't know. But I want. And, I want to say, may I love you? But how to say I love you? u know?)

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