Friday, November 19, 2010

Sorry for Repetition

(Today was 2nd last exam. Exam will be over on 22nd of November.
Then, I'll back to Nepal on December 2nd. Ticket is ready.)
Rwandans friends headed their home. They left Officers' Hostel, IIMC, late night. They were 19. Most of them were from TV and radio. They did one month training which was sponsored by Common Wealth Game, UK.
They had to stay in 'Ach6a' hotel. KM Shreebastav, course director and senior professor of IIMC, had told with me in an informal chat.
"These guys are sponsored by UK with Pound. Why they are staying here, I don't know," he added. He had given an example (journalists from Myanmar) who were staying in the hotel, by paying 9,000 Rs. per day per person.

He disclosed that this Officers' Hostel is the cheapest one where kept foreign trainees hosted by Indian government.
Rwanda was the youngest country among the participants of Common Wealth Game, India. So, UK had sent them for training.
All were not participated in game who were colonized by UK. Egypt was not. Why? Dr Sunetra Sen Narayan, DJ (development journalism) course director of IIMC, had asked Ihab in his country presentation program. He did not give answer. But, he asked counter question about the existence of the common wealth game. He asked- tell me only one 'meaning' of the common wealth game and participation?
I remembered with his counter question. In the opening ceremony of the common wealth game, Prince Charles had addressed as a special guest.
Yes, Rwandans return their homeland. Before leaving, we renewed our face book, email id and took some photos.
In the period of four months, I met more than one dozen friends from various countries. Some were from Nigeria, Kenya and some another African countries. And, I met more than two dozen Indian army commanders from Navy, Air force and Army. They also stayed in Officers' Hostel of IIMC. Yogesh Jethi had given me travel-longue of Michale Parli, BBC television, named The Himalayan where included Nepal also.
Sorry, I diverted from topic. I was telling you about Rwandan journalists who left hostel. They left hostel, late night. It was late night.
We did joke. Two Rwandan guys, with them, I'd played table tennis. And, next game I had to win at any cost. But it was left in pending.
(When we will meet and play next game, I don't know? Can we play again as the name of Nepal and Rwanda 'just doing joke?' I don't know. Only, I can wish.)
I remembered, first meeting of them. When I typed in google and I didn't find. And, Rwandan said me, 'not Ruwand, write Rwanda.'
I was interested to Rwanda. I had curiosity to Rwanda. There was only one reason that Rwanda also had pain of conflict. I wanted to compare with my country. We had discussed more and more. They were well known about Mount Everest but they were unknown where it lies. They were well known about Buddha but they were unknown about his birth place lies in Nepal.
I had given them link of my blog. I wanted to show my blog. But blog was in Nepali language except something about me. They could not conversation with Nepali language. Its reason was that they were completely unknown each other.
You know, I'm very poor in English language. I know, after reading it, you have known that how I'm poor in English. Really, I cannot express my feeling through English language.
Mind clicked. And, I remembered a story which was about the People's Liberation Army (PLY Chhpamar) who returned his home name of the "disqualified Chhapamar." Story was published in the Republica daily news paper in English language and in my blog in Nepali language.
Some guys asked me about blog, again. All were back only handshaking with Nepali language from my blog.
Yes, at last, I showed them which they could understand. Yes, I showed them. I was known that it was so old. That was posted around one year ago after back from PLA camp Hattikhor, Nawalparasi and home of Sarjan Mahato, PLA Chhapamar. But what I could I did? I did not see alternative way.
And, what happened?
Do you want to know?
And, I shared it face book, again.
It is said, 'repetition is meaningless.' Sorry for repetition. Forgive me.
(I've not posted even a single word in my blog from the long and long period.
Sometimes, I think, I'm the 'Al6iest' and unmanageable person in the World.
I don't know, how to improve it.
Sometimes, I use to ask myself, 'this is the way of life? And, it can go this way?'
And, I use to reply myself, 'yes, this way.'
'If not, so?'
'It will go another way.'
Dekha Jaega…Mastram…
Sometimes, I feel, my way of life is really so unmanageable and mysterious like Mohan Koirala's 'Pharsiko Jara'…ha ha..)


  1. Dherai Ramro chha, keep up...

  2. Nabin ji,
    Thank you very much for sharing your blog. It makes a very interesting reading. Though I have not read all I can easily infer that you are making a nice blog and have developed yourself as a good blogger. Looking through your blog pages and archives I can also claim that you are an experienced blogger. So far as the question of you inability in expressing your feeling in English is concerned, in my opinion, it is only your feeling that makes you think so. In your last blog I found you are able to communicate your ideas freely and confidently. The only thing I would like to remind you that try to bring coherence (consistency in composing ideas) in writing. Your last blog seems to be a little rambling (not united with the points). As you might know one paragraph includes one idea only, if you want to bring a slight change in your idea you need to change the paragraph. Let me share my experience, if I have to write something long in my blog, I write at first in MS Word and copy-paste the text to the blog. It makes me able to figure out and correct minor spelling and grammar mistakes. Please keep it up...congratulation!!
    And finally, if you have not visited my blog go to and for my website . Plz do write some comments for me too.
    Thank you
    Kapil Dev Regmi

  3. The development journalism special course for Rwandans media was sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, from the Commonwealth Media Development Fund to which the Government of India is a contributor. The Commonwealth Games Federation runs the Commonwealth Games.

  4. Nabin ji, you can write in a very good style. Best of luck for your improvement in English. The main thing is your feeling and the way you express it. I think you are good at it.