Friday, November 26, 2010

Jei! How are u

I dreamed u

Jei! How r u?

a house, filled with family, in Rolpa
which encircled by minute happiness of the Laligunras

small kids playing in 'Aagan'
and, flowing 'Rahar' of Madi both side of the house

(I think, every common mom
dreams such tiny dream to son/daughter!)

Jei, how small dreams you have!
How tiny 'Rahar' you have!
(But I couldn’t floweriest them
Jei, forgive me)

'Sailee Jee' and 'Syanimaya'
been far from me
'Where r u?' they always ask me, 'how is your mom?'
(those Rolpali Folk songs whom u have given your tune)

I'm so far
leaving you alone in Rolpa
and, I'm running in Arab and India
running behind stomach

Jei, forgive me

I phoned 'Mahili Bhauju' in Rolpa
I phoned to Neeru
‘Boi just can sit’, Neeru told, 'she is paralyzed.'

'All been Arab and Kalapar (India),' Jei requested me, 'Kan6a! Come to join broken happiness of your Jei.'
Jei ordered, 'village's wet eyes are waiting for u.'

Jei, you were surrounded by snakes
I dreamed u, again

Jei, wait me
I’m leaving Kalapar and Arab

I dreamed u
Jei! How r u?
-Jei –Mother is called Jei in Rolpali dialect