Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why weeps groom

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
- Robert Frost from his poem named The road not taken

It was my second time in India. But it was first experience to live hostel with foreign friends.
I remembered, first time I'd been Thana, a village, around 100 km. far from Shimala, Himachal Province. At that time I had stayed with my dad, uncle and some villagers as a worker. But now as a trainee. At that time I was young, just I'd joined campus (I.A. in Mahendra Campus, Dang).

It was my first experience. I spent four months with foreign friends.
I don't know, four months short or long time. It was not short. I'd come here leaving midway all my works like some research, some creative writing ...I missed them. And, I've to join with pending works.
We were 24 mid-career journalists from different 17 countries. They were from Africa, Asia and two small Islands Moritus and Kirbati. Nyan Myo Tun had come just three months after marriage. Uma DD, Moritus, had come leaving her children. At last month her family came in India.
We spent here (Officers' Hostel)four months. Yes, it was not short. We'd separate room but one study room which was called DJ room. Where was wi-fi facility. TV and TT.
After mid last month, I used wi fi in my room.

Four months had tied us as a family members to each-others, unknowingly. And, we were (are) attached each-others unknowingly. I don't know what was that? Yes, we were from different languages and cultures but we were tied. I never feel we were been together.
First time I felt how we attached each-others that when Hamid, Afganistan, and Sha (Tazkistan), left yesterday morning. Sidi and Zarina became unsuccessful to make a dam in eye to stop tear. Perhaps, we all wept trying to dry own tear corner of the eyes.
Yes,we were attached emotionally, each-others.
Separation or ending itself painful.
(I'm weak to face this situation. I cannot face. I think, emotionally I'm weak. So, rarely participate such situation.)

Yesterday afternoon, Thandar Win and Nyan Myo Tu, Myanmar, left us. But we (Parshuram Kaphle)did not participate. Win phoned me but I could not receive. She had told us to come. But we could not.
Kaphle said 'good bye' when Nyan phoned. At that time we were eating in Arabali Guest House with Uddhab Khadka dai. Kaple told to Uddhab dai, "these guys are more close. It will be more painful. So did not."
Sorry, Win and Nyan. Forgive me.
And, at 11:44 pm Koffi, Ivory Coast, Solomon and Danial, Ethopia, Josheph, Southern Sudan and Ihab, Egypt, left us.
Same situation repeated. Yes, emotional situation. Same situation was repeated -all were hugging and saying, "don't forget.If any mistake from my side, forgive me."
It was really emotional.
They, who, were heading their home,also, were seemed sad. Why? I don't know. Yes, their home, their family members were waiting them. Their happiness were waiting them. But they seemed sad. Why? I don't know.
You know?
Yes, we were leaving for our home. But, why we were (are) sad?
Yes, they will meet own wife or husband who were married. They were going to meet their girl friend or boy friend who were in relationship. They were going to meet mom, dad, relatives and friends. Yes, they were going to join broken happiness, they were going to rejoin unfinished plans which were left pending. But why they seemed sad? How was reason? It was really touchy situation. It seemed that they were leaving own home for ever. (Yes, it was not certain to return Delhi.)
(My words are unsuccessful to express situation. U know, I'm so champion in English...ha ha. If I can, I will be writer ….ha ha.)
(And, today, some guys will leave. And, I'll leave 2morrow. And at last, Uma DD will leave.)
First time, I felt from my side, why groom weeps leaving her birth-home. Even she did love marriage. Something was mentionable that why she weeps, sometimes, when she comes her birth home (Maiti). I felt. Yes, they leaves birth-home and go next home where waiting her new world. Where she has to start new journey. Or, they might be started already.
Yes, she will go to meet life partner and next home. She is leaving her birth home and somewhere waiting her.
But, she cannot face. And she weeps at leaving birth home.
I don’t know, how feel that who have own sister. Just I can imagine. Because I've not own sister.
I don't know, why remembered women who comes sometimes her birth home and at returning time why weeps. And, I don't know why I remembered, Robert Frost's these line-
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both

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