Friday, September 2, 2011

PLA brass pose Dahal tough questions

Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal faced a tough time on Thursday when PLA personnel expressed doubts over the party´s move to integrate them in a “dignified manner”, and asked the chairman what roles he planned for them.

“We abide by the party´s decision. You should chart out a concrete plan of action for us; what roles would we play in future,” Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, sixth division commander, quoted all the commanders as saying to the chairman.

The party had held a meeting at Dahal´s residence at Nayabazar to give directives to the commanders to comply with the party decision to hand over the weapons container keys to the Special Committee.

Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya were present at the meeting.

“You have already made compromises on revolution and on our future. So why don´t you tell us directly about the compromises you have made instead of being roundabout?” a commander stated at the meeting.

“The party has taken your concerns seriously. You can believe me, your future will be secure. And we have not forgotten the ideals of the revolution,” a commander quoted Dahal as saying.

According to him, Dahal said that the party is committed to the peace process and made the move to complete the peace process unilaterally.

Baidya had kept mum most of the time and left the meeting before it was over.

But Bhattarai told the commanders that handing over of the keys was the maximum flexibility the party has adopted for the sake of peace and constitution.

“They have been accusing us that we are not sincere about peace and constitution. Handing over of the keys to the Special Committee is our sacrifice. Now they will be responsible for anything bad that happens to the peace process,” a commander quoted Bhattarai as saying.

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