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We won't join govt until keys handover row is settled: Gajurel

Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya 'Kiran' faction in the UCPN (Maoist) decided to stay out of government over the key handover row though it has put off all protest programs until September 18.

In this context, Republica´s Kiran Pun caught up with Secretary Chandra Prakash Gajurel 'Gaurab', an influential member of the Baidya faction, Sunday evening to solicit his views on the faction´s future strategies. Excerpts:

You were supposed to get the berths of deputy prime minister and minister for foreign affairs. Why did you not join the government?

We are not in favor of joining the government until the issue of keys handover is settled. We wanted the issue to get settled first before the government got full shape. But Prachandaji (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) and Baburamji (the prime minister) did not agree. This has closed the doors for us to join the government.

Why did you demand a central committee meeting to resolve the key handover issue?

It is not just a matter of simply handing over the keys. The issue is linked with the dignified integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants. If we disarm the combatants before integration, they would be rendered mere civilians. How can we integrate the civilians? The key handover decision has surprised us. The Nepali Congress has also been taken aback as it is in favor of consensus on modality, number and related issues before regrouping of the combatants. I do not know what led the party establishment to take the decision.

Do you think the agreement between Chairman Dahal and the United Democratic Madhesi Front in absence of the party´s talks team on government formation influence the decision?
We have questioned the procedure that was adopted while signing the agreement and handing over the keys. The party had formed a seven- member team to talk to other parties on government formation. But only Dahal and Bhattarai held talks with the Madhesi alliance. They should have taken Kiran ji (Baidya) to negotiate the deal. We were informed of the decision only after the signing of the agreement.

What would happen if the key handover decision is upheld by the party central committee?

We are confident that the central committee will not go against its previous decision. We believe that the central committee will take the right decision.

What if the central committee takes a decision that you would disapprove of?
We have not decided yet what we would do if the central committee takes such a decision. All I can say is that the central committee will not take a decision that would mean surrender of the PLA. We believe that the CC will take a decision that would ensure dignified integration of Maoist combatants.

What if the central committee endorses the key handover decision by majority?

We have a certain procedure in the party and we will follow that. We could register a “note of dissent” and launch a continuous struggle within the party.

You had formed the Dhobighat alliance in order to bring about a transformation in party by encouraging collective leadership. But it seems that the alliance has fallen apart?
We had formed the Dhobighat alliance with high ideals. We have succeeded in partially transforming the party. For instance, we have been successful in distributing powers in the party. Unfortunately, the arrangement has been used to serve vested interests.

If so, is the Dhobighat alliance defunct now?

Transformation is necessary. We´ll continue it.

No plum ministries have been left for your camp in case you join the government.
May be they thought the important portfolios shouldn´t be left unoccupied. We will not join the government by taking the left-over ministries. We will not join the government until a new situation is created.

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