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No chance of national consensus govt: Dahal

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KATHMANDU, June 25: Maoist Chairman Puspha Kamal Dahal has stated that there is no possibility of forming a national consensus government as the Nepali Congress (NC) is against joining such a government and is instead conspiring to dissolve the Constituent Assembly (CA).

“The NC is in favor of direct rule by the president, who is from that party, after dissolving the CA and imposing a state of emergency,” a CC member quoted Dahal as saying during his briefing to the party Central Committee (CC) on Friday.

Under such circumstances, Dahal argued, the party should lead the government with the backing of the UML as per the seven-point deal reached with Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal.

Dahal was of the view that Khanal would pass the baton to the Maoists after completing his six-month tenure in July-August, and that would give his party an upper hand even if the CA is dissolved. The Maoist chairman argued that the party should give continuity to the current government as there is almost no chance of forming a consensus government.

On the issue of integration and rehabilitation of combatants, Dahal argued that the NC has taken a step backwards and gone against integration, following the recent gathering of that party´s district presidents in Dhulikhel.

"The NC had told us that it agrees to the integration of 6,000 PLA members under a Nepal Army directorate. Now they are saying they cannot accept more than 5,000,” a leader quoted Dahal as saying. "The NC has violated the five-point deal," he argued.

The Maoist chief flatly denied the charge that he has agreed with other parties to turn the PLA into a non-combat force.

“We have only agreed to set up a mixed force under the directorate of the Nepal Army. We have not agreed on the details. I think we have construed the agreement differently,” Dahal told the meeting.

On the issue of constitution-writing, he stated that the pro-parliament parties have not shown any interest, and defended himself against allegations from the party´s hardline faction that he is making compromises on the fundamental principles of the party. “The NC and UML are not even interested in drafting a constitution like the one formulated in 1990,” Dahal stated at the meeting.

On the distribution of responsibilities among party leaders, he said the task requires homework and also asked the CC members to present their opinions.

For resolving intra-party disputes, Dahal presented two options: the party can hold systematic debate within the existing five-point framework, or add another point to the five-point framework saying the party factions can debate openly outside the party. The five-point deal was formulated when Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai was in a minority after Dahal switched to the hardline camp in December.

Dahal argued that disputes over the party´s general line would be resolved in a general convention to be held at an appropriate time.

Dahal didn´t present any concrete proposal at the meeting and asked for at least three days to make preparations. The next date for the meeting has not been fixed yet.

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