Sunday, June 5, 2011

Prachand bids adieu to PLA security guards

Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal with PLA security details at his residence, Nayabazar, on Sunday before they were sent back to their respective cantonments as per an agreement to end dual security arrangement for Maoist leaders. There were a total 106 PLA guards providing security to Maoist leaders.

KATHMANDU, June 6: In an emotionally-charged environment at his residence in Nayabazaar on Sunday, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal faced a tough time convincing the PLA personnel that the party has not deviated from the goals of revolution.
But the “rhetoric" that Dahal would not betray the “dreams of the martyrs” hardly assured the politically indoctrinated combatants, who were sent back by Maoists headquarters to the cantonments where they were registered by United Nations Mission in Nepal.

“The party has played frivolity on our lives and future. The leaders have kept us in the dark by playing dirty politics,” a participant quoted one Ramita, a member of the PLA from the seventh division, as saying at the closed-door function organized to bid farewell to the PLA personnel.

In reply, Dahal told the combatants that he took decision to send them to the cantonments to create an atmosphere of political trust for the sake of peace and constitution.

“I have taken the risk for peace. I am the chairman of the largest political party and it is the responsibility of the state to make arrangements for my security,” Yubaraj Dulal, Brigade Commander PLA and body guard of Chairman quoted Dahal as saying.

Dahal said he felt bad to bid adieu to the PLA personnel who were with him for years.

“We have been together for the last 10 years and we ate food in the same plate. Having to part with you has made me emotional,” a PLA member quoted Dahal as saying in his typical style.

The PLA personnel stated that they would abide by the party´s decisions, but stated that they felt bad for being considered “redundant”.

“We think we no longer enjoy the party´s trust on us. After so many years we are no longer in the service of the party,” stated a commander at the function.

The Maoist chairman stated at the gathering that he had no option other than ending the dual security to take other political parties into confidence.
The combatants, however, stated that they have doubts if the party would fulfill the dreams of those “martyred, injured and disappeared during the People´s War.” A combatant stated that he felt the aim of revolution has suddenly received a blow after he submitted his weapons at Nayabazaar.

“I felt as if someone suddenly snatched my weapons that were gathered through the sacrifices of many of my colleagues. I don´t know why I felt so. Perhaps, I felt so because I had to lay down the arms before realizing the goals of revolution,” said Narayan Adhikari who was in the security of party spokesperson Dinanath Sharma.
After the interaction program, Dahal posed for pictures with the combatants for more than 30 minutes and bid them farewell.

Some 60 PLA personnel, deployed for the security of senior party leaders, participated at the function early morning. Only low rank personnel had spoken at the program. They are returning to the cantonments with weapons after the party´s top office bearers decided to end the dual security for the leaders to implement the five-point agreement inked before extension of the CA term on May 29. The party would also send the 94 guns, including GPMG, AK-47 and SLR, to the Shaktikhor cantonment.

“Forty armed personnel returned to the cantonments Sunday and 66 personnel under my command would return on Monday,” said brigade commander Yuvaraj Dulal from the Third Division.

Baidya faction opposes party decision

Around two dozen PLA personnel deployed for the security of the leaders from hard-line faction led by Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya boycotted the function terming the party decision to end the “dual security” illegitimate. They stated that they would not return to the cantonments until the party´s Central Committee (CC) takes a decision in this regard.

“We would return only if the CC takes such a decision,” said a combatant deployed in the service of a leader from the hard-line faction. They are also not submitted their weapons at Nayabazaar.

The Baidya faction has stated that the party´s decision to end the security being provided to senior leaders by the PLA is tantamount to surrender.

“These leaders damaged our lives. They traded our blood, sweat and sacrifice for money and power. But they will not be at peace as they have betrayed the martyrs,” said a commander who is close to Baidya.

Photo Courtesy: Shiva Khakurel

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