Monday, September 17, 2012

Check distribution to former Maoist fighters concludes

SHAKTIKHOR (CHITWAN), Sept 16: The task of distributing checks to the former Maoist combatants opting for voluntary retirement concluded on Sunday.

Balanandar Shrama, coordinator at the secretariat of the Special Committee formed to oversee the task of integration and rehabilitation of former Maoist combatants, informed 1,507 combatants from all the seven cantonments had been given checks.

According to him, the number of combatants opting for integration into the Nepal Army (NA) has dropped to 1,412 and other 202 persons, who had earlier opted for voluntary retirement, didn´t appear to receive checks.

Previously, 3,123 combatants were staying in all the seven cantonments opting for integration into the national army.

The combatants were given a deadline until last Thursday to join the integration process and 1,647 had applied for that. But some of those, who had even passed some physical tests, again applied for voluntary retirement. As of Sunday, the number of those opting to the integration process came down to 1,412.

Previously, altogether 13,922 combatants had opted voluntary retirement and received money accordingly. Officials said the task of distributing checks had completed smoothly without any disputes.

"Now we have completed the task of distributing checks for those opting for voluntary retirement," Sharma said.

According to officials, those who have opted for integration process in the final stage had undergone premedical tests and other physical examinations and other tests were underway. According to them, they are planning to take written test on Monday.
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