Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kailasha: A heavenly experience

I'm Sufi lover.
I also like Kailash Kher.
I like, specially, his singing style and unique voice.
I think, everybody has to dig own road in his career. That must be own and unique. So, every new road is risky for everybody. Somebody can and somebody lost him/her self within digging period.
Perhaps, I think, so, Kher dug his own new road of the singing style with unique voice. And, finally, he sat heart of the music lovers.
I did not get chance to hear him on Wednesday, last night of the 2067 at Kathmandu. And, I just read him in Myrepublica news of the Dikshya Karki. I curtsey her news here for you who did not get chance to hear him at Kathmandu.
KATHMANDU, April 14: Call him phenomenal, call him a rock star and call it a night. Kailash Kher, 37, wooed the crowd with his soulful voice, made them sway to his rhythm and gave them something to remember for the rest of their lives.
Playing live with his band Kailasha, at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kalimati on Nepali New Year’s eve Kher sang his hit numbers, shared his life’s experiences and connected with the audience on a higher level.
Although the event started an hour late, it was in no way a disappointment. Before the concert, Kher had said on Tuesday, “When I sing live I want to connect directly with the audience. I want them to feel my presence in flesh and bones. They must be able to taste the magic of my live performance.”
Dressed in a black suit, Kher’s presence on stage was overpowering. His notes never stirred from their place and the melody in his voice often moved something deep inside.
He began with “Jana Jogi De Naal” and followed with thumping numbers, “Tauba Tauba” and “Rang Deeni”. Asking the audience to dance along, Kher wasn’t hesitant to make jokes about himself, “I can challenge actor Dharmendra with my dance steps. I have seen the Nepalis during my recent visit to Thailand dance in their unique folk style, and expect the same from you.”
“Lose control, dance your spirit out,” was his call and as the evening progressed, the chairs were empty as everyone was dancing to his tunes.
“I would like to call Kathmandu Rockmandu,” he cried. The audience applauded him in response.
By presenting a blend of soft Sufi numbers and fast beat songs, Kher both sent chills down the spine of the audience and turned them into carefree mystics.
Showing his love for the audience Kher called two girls from the audience, Sandhya and Urmila, to dance along with him. They grooved along.
With every new song, Kher shared his experience of his Nepal visit, “This is the place of the Himalayas, the abode of Lord Shiva, so Nepal is blessed by the Gods.”
Hearing the cries of “Once more” for his song, “Saiyyan”, Kher remarked, “Anything for you, I have been intoxicated by your love.” Showing his knowledge of the Nepali language Kher also sang all the lines of the hit Nepali number,“Kanchi He Kanchi,” and took everyone by surprise.
The audience couldn’t be happier. In his later performance, Kher transformed himself into Lord Shiva’s devotee by playing the damaru and chanting, “Babam Bam”.
Powerful and enchanting, he then moved on to sing the song that started it all for him, “Allah Ke Bande”. Rhyming the song with a promise to the audience he sang, “Allah Ke Bande Hasde Jo Bhi Ho Hum Phir Ayenge.”
After this it was “Chakde Phatte” with which he ended the night. The crowd had become one with his music, forgetting themselves, lost in a trance. He had colored their lives with his music. True to the meaning of his band’s name, the experience was heavenly.
Kher was also honored with the title of “Nepal Tourism Year Goodwill Ambassador 2011” by the representatives of Nepal Tourism Board, Yogendra Shakya and Ranjit Acharya.

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