Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New iPhone app to count calories of your food

It was raining when I woke up at 6:30 am. My Guru and close friend MP Kharel had suggested me to go Bipasyana to maintain my health and to fresh mind which can be helpful for creative writing. But I did not yet.10 days is very long time for the Small Kamaiya like me from the private media house. I've interest. I don't know, that day comes or not, Ram Jane.
But, Guru's suggestions flew in air. I don't care anything for my health—like eating, exercise. I know,  I've to do but not in practice. What to do?
After switching my laptop, I click The Hindu in early morning and saw a picture of iPhone and there mentioned how it will suggest user for balance diet. I don't know how far that day where we human being will be totally depended to the technology and our creative activities totally loss. By technology, we are going to lose our creative activities day by day depending upon them.
And, I just curtsey here from The Hindu for you.

Calorie counting can be a very time consuming process, but this app makes it easier to track the calories in food. File Photo.
AP Calorie counting can be a very time consuming process, but this app makes it easier to track the calories in food. File Photo.

Want to know how many calories you may consume from a slice of pizza? Well, you can now take help of a new iPhone app which can give an instant calorie read-out from just a picture of the item.

The application, called MealSnap app, works by matching the photograph of the food item with a database of some 500,000 items and within minutes sends users an alert with a range of calories for the meal that was photographed.

The USD 2.99-app was developed by DailyBurn, a fitness social network that has created several other fitness and diet-related iPhone applications.

“The database can quickly help identity the food, how many calories there are, proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins, whatever you may want to know,” Andy Smith, chief executive at DailyBurn, was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

“Users can then choose to share what they’ve eaten on Twitter or FourSquare, leading to social accountability.”

Smith added that calorie counting can be a very time consuming process, but the app makes it easier to track the calories in food.

“The pure act of tracking something can cause a psychological change that can help people on their health and fitness journey,” he said.

“Just the simple fact of logging it makes me more aware of what I’m eating.”

Additionally, Smith said, MealSnap can serve as a food diary, allowing users to keep a visual log of the meals they have eaten.

“It’s like a food journal, but easier. All you do is take the picture.”


  1. As someone who has used almost EVERY single weight loss and diet iPhone app in the Health and Fitness Category. I can say that I was LESS THAN IMPRESSED with lose it app. I find myself half the time having to enter in a "custom food" because it's not in their comprehensive database. frustrating, and then i stop using it because this happens day in an day out. In my opinion **THE BEST** iPhone diet app is hands down intelli-Diet! It just takes the thinking out of the equation and I just eat what it says. Down 12 pounds in a few weeks! I believe it’s sixty percent off now too so you should check it out before meal snap! http://bit.ly/intelli-Diet is their link.

  2. With its new features and applications, this model would definitely hit the market real big time. It's a great mobile innovation.

  3. So this application would be great for health concisions people. In fact, this programmer is very great invention by Apple iphone.