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Lower blood pressure naturally

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Fitness Centre. Photo:R. Ragu
Dr. Venugopal Gouri Fitness Centre. Photo:R. Ragu
“I don't want to start medicines for high blood pressure. There is no way I want to take medicines life- long” is the common response of a patient when suggested to start pharmacological help for hypertension. The unenthusiastic response is usually do to the fact the patient suffering with this problem does not always have any disturbing symptom that compels him to take medicines. But the fact is that in spite of any obvious disturbance the disease tends to have its own effects gradually on the human metabolism as it is called as the ‘silent killer.'

The heart pumps blood to various parts of the body and the force that is exerted on the blood vessels is called as systolic pressure and as the heart relaxes to receive blood from the lungs and then gets ready for the next contraction is called as diastolic pressure. Ideally, it should be about 120/80mm of Hg., and if the lower one touches 90 or go beyond it is called as hypertension. The body tends to adjust gradually to the new conditions and no obvious symptom may be exhibited by the patient but for the examination of the pressure which shows otherwise. As the blood pressure is not in normal limits it tends to cause a stress on the blood vessels and when those in the brain are put under this tension there is fine leak or a block of the vessel causing a stroke.
The blood vessels in the eye can impair the supply to the sensitive portion of the retina which causes impaired vision. Similar change can occur in the fine capillaries of the kidney which impairs its function leading to kidney damage. Nonetheless, the first impact is on the heart as the impaired oxygen supply leads to a heart attack. As the heart labours along for a few years with untreated blood pressure, it is under pressure and there is a chance for congestive heart failure too. The insufficient supply to the brain can also affect the intellectual functions.
There are some factors that cannot be changed like age and family history of high blood pressure. But the alterable factors like excessive body weight, increased weight around the midriff can all be challenged. Since these are the usual causes of hypertension. As smoking and alcohol contributes towards the degeneration of the lining of the blood vessel. A diet containing fruits, vegetables and nuts is ideal to keep this issue at a fair distance. Salt is the prime suspect for many an issue and should be consumed in moderation. Since stress of the daily sedentary lifestyles precipitate this problems it is imperative to neutralize the same with moderate exercise. It is only when the lifestyle changes are not enough to help in keeping the levels under check that medicines are prescribed. Homoeopathic medicines like Aurum met, Lycopodium, Arjuna, Rauwolfia, Crataegus, Baryta carb, Glonine help in keeping the levels at bay and helps the body to perform to its potential.

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  1. Fruits and vegetables are the best natural cures for high blood pressure you can find. To maintain healthy lifestyle and healthy diet avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, do regular exercise. A proper diet can make managing high blood pressure or hipertension much easier.